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hutorovka-v2-0 0


On the map there are standard culture + add water transportation in a licensed game, card loaded exactly 1 minute, pirates do not know, did not check. Card I’ll just write that improve and...

sinyava-v2-0-1 0


a small map with beautiful landscapes. the map is very diverse. there is sand, calves, pigs, chickens, geese, cows. live an interesting card. Credits: Andrew Lotocki DOWNLOAD

john-deere-7530-premium-65 0

John Deere 7530 Premium V1

Functions: -turnlights -worklight -animated speedometer needle, speed needle -animated TLS-axis -frontloader -dirt-texture -IC-control -Dynamic Hoses Credits: Modell: MB3D Textur: MB3D Script: MB3D Idee / Konzept: MB3D Tester: MB3D+Team DOWNLOAD

john-deere-4755-eu-version 0

John Deere 4755 EU Version V2.5

New AO Textures. New parts on the model. Opening side windows. Twin Back Wheels. Specialization: animatedVehicle motorized steerable drivable cylindered hirable aiTractor bunkerSiloCompacter honk indoorHud mountable washable hydraulicAnimations cardanShaft interactiveControl InteractiveWindows interactiveButtons doorOpener warningSigns...

fendt-9460r-v1-0 0

FENDT 9460R V1.0

– Power – 459 hp – light – Mirrors – The speedometer, tachometer – animation – passenger script – Bunker capacity – 12334 liters – Dust from the wheels – Traces of wheels –...