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Kirovets K700A 0

Kirovets K700A Tractor

Interactive control windows, doors, dashboard work, working linkage with the mouse, leaving traces of dust. not washable Credits: SFM-Modding feat. BM-Modding & Clondike, fs 2015 Pavlo Vasnevskii DOWNLOAD ShareMods.com

kirovets-k700-v2-5_1 0

Kirovets K700 V2.5

– Dust from under the wheels and tire tracks – Choice of color – Fixed errors – A lot of animation – Log clean Credits: Adsumus, BM-Modding, fluffy tummy, SFM-Modding In FS15: Suleiman DOWNLOAD...

Kirovets K-702 0

Kirovets K-702 v 2.0

Power 235 hp Speed 39 km / h. Lighting, working dashboard and mirrors, animation farmer hands, hand brake, rear view camera, tow hitch, dust from the wheels, leaves traces. Washable. Bucket capacity: 5000 l....

Kirovets K700A 0

Kirovets K700A v 1.1

Power 220 hp Speed 34 km / h. Interactive control (IC) (doors open, regulated steering column). Lighting, working instrument panel and mirrors, automatic wipers, animation hands farmer, animation universal joint, lifted the hood, the...

Kirovets K-700A2 0

Kirovets K-700A v2.0

Mod Kirovets K 700A while moving exhibits dust and leaves traces. He fully working instrument panel and lighting fixtures, mirrors more. Dirty and clean. Washable Lighting fixtures. Fully working instrument panel. Mirrors. Traces of...